Drive transformation, increase productivity and quality by developing critical digital, analytic, and creative problem solving skills.



The best companies are 40% more productive and have 30-50% higher operating margins than peers .

60% of Occupations could have 30% of tasks automated.


When used effectively automation will deliver significant productivity gains and bottom line results but will also require the restructuring of processes and job roles. New skills are needed that focus on creativity, problem solving, and analytical thinking along with an understanding on how to best leverage digital technologies.


The Innovation Academy provides the following services to support organizations:

Training Courses are regularly or custom scheduled sessions focused on key skills required to transform your organization and continuously improve.  Although they are rigorously designed to maximize knowledge transfer, networking and collaboration are important aspects of the overall instruction. Sessions are held at designated sites that are convenient and desireable travel locations with outstanding lodging and training facilities.

Enterprise Training Programs are tailored to your particular transformation needs.  Our training experts will design and deliver training onsite or at our designated training sites.  We design our enterprise programs to start early in the transformation process to ensure operational readiness by go-live.  For example, they would include large transformation programs involving enterprise software systems including but not limited to Workday, Oracle, SAP, EPIC, or Cerner.

Innovation Academy Training Courses

001Business Analytics I/IIThese courses cover the methods to analyze business problems and also model them using advanced Excel functions. They also serve as foundation courses for more advanced analytic topics.1 day
002Transformation ManagementCovers essential topics in project and change management in order to lead a large transformation program.3 days
003Business and Operating Model DesignLearn the essentials of designing a powerful new business and operating model based on your strategy.2 days
004Process Automation using Digital AgentsLearn how to develop and implement digital agents in your current environment to automate manual repetitive processes.5 days
005Forecasting with Machine LearningLearn the fundamentals of building predictive models and provides an introduction to advanced forecasting using machine learning.5 days